DALECO Presents: Hit 2 Pass

Hit 2 Pass was DALECO’s (and Dale’s) first foray into independent production.  With a two week period for prep and only a 2 ½ day shoot, “independent” it was.  The reasons for such a compressed schedule were jobs on the Special Effects crews of “Deck The Halls” and “Alien Vs. Predator: Requiem”, between which “Hit 2 Pass” had to squeeze. 

Shot on 15 MINIDV handicams by a crew of a dozen of Dale’s friends, the weekend was hectic, but fun.  Kind of.  For post Dale returned to the Centre of Applied Media Production at Confederation College, where his old school welcomed him back with worried – but open – arms.  After 2 ½ months of cutting (a month for each day of shooting?), “Hit 2 Pass” was as finished as it was going to get. 

The show is aimed at the young man; channel surfing on Saturday afternoon, nursing a hangover.  We would travel, documenting the small-town motor sport scene across Canada.  This episode was cheap, but for broadcast quality, the show would cost around $70 000 per ½ hr. episode. 

Mime's The Word

"Mime's The Word" is a film by Shea Kellar, but Dale shot it for him. The film was made while the pair were in film school, and it's still pretty funny.

Using Kodak's 7245 (50D) stock, very little was required from the lighting and grip departments. It's a good thing, because we didn't have either. Another 2 day shoot produced this little gem, which was sold to The Movie Network for use as a bumper.

Hit To Pass

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Mime's The Word

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