Our Films inc.

A Film Production Collective

Our idea for making high quality independent film production possible is a collective. Inviting everyone on the cast and crew to work for shares in the project – one share/dollar/hour – will make all of us a co-producer. "Our Films" will "pay" everyone in this manner, including equipment and facility providers. Anyone that doesn’t want to work under this agreement will be paid as little as they will take, as our goal is to put every dollar on the screen, so that greater returns on investment will be realized for the members of the collective.

With more affordable image capture (HI DEF) and distribution (web-based) technologies, it is becoming more realistic to make independent, artistic and valuable films.


Interested in investing in the film, but don't work in the industry? Of course, monetary investments are gladly accepted. Any money invested will be valued at a premium of 1.25 shares/dollar. This gives the people with the cash a bit of an advantage, but not nearly as much as usual.

Why a film collective?

And can it work? I believe it can, and have spoken to many film professionals from all departments who agree. We all know how much it costs to make movies. Unfortunately, these costs have made it nearly impossible for the independent producer to be successful. We all got in to the industry for a reason, and for most, it wasn't in the interest of perfecting our cable-coiling or camera reports.

If we work together, we CAN make films. Good films. Our Films.

What Film Are We Talking About?

"The Empire's Edge" is in the works. It is an overt social commentary, observing the actions and reactions of a group of friends living in a war-torn country. This time the country is Canada, and the war is over water. Currently, the plan is to shoot in the summer of 2010. If you're interested in being involved, or have any questions or comments, please send me an email at dale@ daleco.tv

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